Pens @ Flyers - Game 6 - Down 3-0?

Two Years in a ROW!

I'll be the first to admit, I thought we were going back to Pittsburgh for game 7. I left a friends house and it was 3-0 Flyers, my hope was minimal. Apparently refreshing the blackberry does wonders;.next thing I know its 3-3...I was beside myself. I watched the entire 3rd period at my mother-in-laws and, Holy What! I almost couldn't believe my eyes when Gonchar scored. 4-3, suck it.

Now I know why we lost game 5, so we could stick it to the Flyers fans in Philly. The analogy that captures my mind is inappropriate. It involves an ex-girlfriend...and...nevermind.

Initially I thought we came out strong. We controlled the tempo and had puck possession for most of the 1st half of the 1st period. It was necessary that we get that first goal, or at least I thought. Two goals in 50-somthing second away and it was ugly. The crowd was in it. Next thing you know the Flyers had a power play, before you could take a dump it was 3-0.

At this point I settled in. I didn't think much more about this game but rather game 7. I hashed over our position with a close friend/future writer Tony C, and realized perhaps the momentum was shifting and we may lose the series.

I missed the whole 2nd. From what I've read the Max Talbot fight changed everything.

The third period was all Penguins. After Gonchar scored to makie it 4-3 it was all defense. About 16 minutes later and Crosby stuck the dagger in Mike Richards heart...rather the whole Flyers organization, and everyone of them died at that moment. I ran outside, grabbed my 14th month old and tossed her in the air...whoa. It was over! The Flyers were no more in the 2009 Playoffs.

I have so much more to write about, but since I didn't bring my power cord I'm kind of screwed. I did however plan for the photoshop. It was inevitable.

What's next?

Devils, Canes, Captials, Bruins? Who knows.

I'll tell you this, a game like this can drive you right through the semi's. I was wrong, the DO Pens have confidence. I'm betting Bill Guerin had something to do with all this (locker room-wise).

That remains to be seen.

If you haven't already, go read The Pens Blog.

SEE YOU IN THE SEMI'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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