Brief Playoff Thoughts - Eastern Conference

Rangers vs. Capitals

I just got done watching the 7th seeded Rangers take a commanding 3-1 lead over the 3rd seeded Capitals. I'll be the first to admit, the Rangers are playing well. But as good as they're playing, the Capitals are the reason this series is where it is. Very little production from the stars in Washington (Ovie, Green, Fedorov). Semin had a few strokes in his game in their only win, but otherwise has been flaccid. Heading back to home is the best thing that can happen for the Capitals at this point. But do they have what it takes? I believe teams up 3-1 win the series 92+% of the time so its not looking promising.

Canadians vs. Bruins

Along with their Sam Adams Boston Lager the Bruins fans are pulling out their brooms, sweep city. The Canadians just couldn't answer the call against their rivals as they did last year. Then again, the seedings were reversed. And the Bruins are much deeper and playing like the animals they are.

Canes vs. Devils

Here's a matchup that has gotten as much attention as the Penguins Flyers series, mainly due to the buzzer-beater sunk by Jokinen with .02 second left on the clock. Matched up at 2-2 heading back to NJ the Devils have to shake the demons of this loss and get back on track. I will say that though these teams were the 3 and 6 seed, they are probably the most evenly matched in all the playoffs.

Flyers vs. Pens

No need to comment. Pens win tomorrow the series 4-1, bring on the next loser.


MPL said...

A little spelling error on FEDOROV, but other than that, you've pretty much summarized the Rangers/Caps series. Feds and Kozlov are getting too old for this :-(

Damian Romano said...

Thanks MPL, unfortunately there's not a spell-check in the world that would have caught that. :)

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