5 Questions with Barry Melrose

[Today I had the pleasure of catching up with hockey analyst Barry Melrose from ESPN to ask him a few questions regarding the Penguins this season. ]

PU: Prior to the season, what were you expecting out of the Penguins this year?

BM: I thought the Penguins were the 4th best team in the East before the season started. Reason being, they had lost a few key players, namely Hossa and Malone.

PU: What (or Who) has been the biggest spark for the Penguins in the latter half of this season into the Playoffs?

BM: I believe Gonchar coming back changed the whole make-up of the team; he's their top blueliner. Since then he's added depth and strength to their power play. Obviously the coaching change from Therrien to Byslma has made a difference too.

PU: Do you think the Penguins have a better chance this year for the Cup than last year? If so, why?

BM: I really think they do. The reason is because they have been there before, and I believe Fleury is better than last year. I also like the character of this team better than last years squad.

PU: Describe Crosby's playoff performance thus far.

BM: I can honestly say I really think Sidney Crosby has shown everyone in these playoffs that he is the best player in the world.

PU: In your opinion, who is the "X" factor for the Penguins in this Carolina series?

BM: I think its going to come down to goaltending. Marc Andre Flurey is going to be the wild card for the Penguins. He played a great game in game 1 and needs to continue that in order for the Penguins to get to the Stanley Cup Finals for the second year in a row.


Ronny said...

Wow, Melrose called Crosby the best player in the world!

Anonymous said...

Crosby has been playing like the best player in the world so it isn't surprising. Plus he is Canadian! That is good enough for Barry!

Trevor said...

I think the x factor will be the Pens role players. I think Fleury is good enough in general. But like last game, had Boucher and Satan not scored we would have lost. Crosby was absent.

emxjstaal11lvr said...

I'm Emilee. I'm 13 and I'm the biggest Pittsburgh Penguins fan. I love Jordan Staal!<3. Barry Barry Barry, i love you man. I love that you made mention of Sidney Crosby proving he is the best player in the world. and you are completely correct. I know some people were saying that Alexander Ovechkin was. and if he was he would have some the whole NHL that he was and he failed to do so. You are also right when you said that "flower" is going to be key. and he is. he has defenitely gained experience and improved his skill. and last year in the finals vs the redwings. thats all i remember hearing.....oh the pittsburgh penguins are donee they dont have the experience that the redwings have. and now. were back ready to bring the cup back to pittsburgh!

Pensrox872971 said...

I agree wit emxjstaal11lrv I'm also 13 and a HUGE pens fan

Anonymous said...

Crosby is... the best in the world!

Pensrox872971 said...

it is soooo obvious Crosby is the best player in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

That's actually a shocker because Melrose was stuck on AO all year. But you can't ignore the obvious. Crosby is playing lights out hockey right now.

Anonymous said...

screw melrose. he's probably only saying that because the pens knocked off AO and the caps, who melrose has been saying is the best team in the east all year. when AO broke up a breakaway against the Rags in round 1 (I think the 1 and only time he backchecked) melrose was like... and that's why he's the most complete player in the game today. what a joke. i never listen to anything he has to say.

Anonymous said...

melrose cant comment on hockey.

Anonymous said...

Melrose love AO... but since Crosby burned AO and the Pens won against the Caps, he admits what we all already know. I bet you he wanted to puke when he admitted that Crosby was the best player in the world!

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