The Day of Infamy

Today is the day the Pens declare all out war on the Capitals.

Today is the day Disco Dan signs the declaration against anything and everything associated with Washington. Today is the day Geno finds redemption. Today is the day Ovechkin finds himself scoreless and up only 2-1 with another game in the 'burgh on Friday. Today is the day the Pens role players step up. Today is the day the fans find hope in their Penguins. Scratch that, none of us have lost hope (right on Mario!). Today is the Day of Infamy.

Yes, today is the day.


Pete said...

YES! Its time to declare war on the Crapital. We need this win tonight.

Mario Lacaffinie said...

I disagree with one thing... Who lost hope in our pens? I didn't...

Will Eller said...

if you read back a couple of articles I wrote something similiar. I don't think the fans are as bad as when we played the flyers. But I have heard alot of bad talk about the pens after game 2.

Damian Romano said...

Oh yes, today was the day my friends.

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