Revenge of the Sid

Sometimes losing at home in overtime to force game seven can bring the worst out of people; it did me; it did to a lot of people. And its going to for Crosby. Difference is, I don't play well when I'm mad, Sid does.

Crosby played his heart out last night and we deserved that win. He carried the team on his back. He scored with a few minutes left in the game to force overtime. But the game didn't end up the way we wanted, we lost.

And when you lose something so precious to you, like Anakin, you lose it.

Sid will have his REVENGE tomorrow night.
We will defeat these Capitals and move on to the Conference Finals.
PENS FANS, Keep Hope Alive!


Rip said...

Lord Crosby...RISE!

Anonymous said...

Star Wars? Really?? Dorky and unfunny.

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