Stanley Cup Rematch

Oh Redwings...Sid keeps his word. He'll never be in this photograph again.

Bylsma paid a visit to the morgue today, just to confirm the deaths.

In theaters Saturday May 30th.

Stanley Cup Wallpaper.


Anonymous said...

This time, its personal.

Did you see this over at the Pensblog?

Red Wings have beaten the following to win their most recent Cups.

96/97 - Philadelphia Flyers
97/98 - Washington Capitals
01/02 - Carolina Hurricanes
07/08 - Pittsburgh Penguins


Damian Romano said...

I did see that. Must mean there is something in the cards for us. It's destiny, no?

Anonymous said...

destiny to lose again.

Damian Romano said...

Wow, a RW fan has showed up. Or simply a Pens hater. Either way, we'll see what dreams may come this weekend my friend.

Anonymous said...

pens are going to lose the cup lol crosby is over rated

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