What So Special About Crosby?

Anyone remember Alexander Semin making this statement earlier in the season?

"What's so special about (Sidney Crosby)? I don't see anything special there. Yes, he does skate well, has a good head, good pass. But there's nothing else. Even if you compare him to Patrick Kane from Chicago, Kane is a much more interesting player."
Oh I don't know Alex, maybe because he ended up third overall in scoring. Maybe because he had eight goals in this past series and you had the big goose egg. Perhaps because he is leading the playoffs in points. I don't know Semin, you tell me.

Let me ask you now Alex, now that you're playing golf and drinking vodka, would you change your mind?

I just felt the need to revist this for obvious reasons.


Randy said...

Yeah, I laughed pretty hard when Semin said that. No offense to Kane, he is another special player. But seriously, how can he not see that Crosby is one of the best if not the best player in this league?

Cory McIntyre said...

I couldn't believe that Semin was being serious when he said that. His disappearance in the Pens series shows that he is all bark and no bite. Patrick Kane is great, but he has yet to develop into the big time player that Crosby has. Crosby is one of, if not the best player in the league right now.

Damian Romano said...

Sounds like we all agree on this. Obviously we're a little partial being Pens fans, but lets be honest: Crosby is one of the best, so is Ovechkin. That's like Staal saying something like that about Ovie. I'd scold Jordan for that as well.

Cory McIntyre said...

Of course Crosby is one of the best, as well as Ovechkin. They play two different styles of hockey though. Ovechkin is a pure goal scorer. If he's not lighting the lamp, then it's a bad game for him. I'm shocked that no one spoke up when Semin made the comments in the first place. We'll see if he changes his mind in the offseason.

Damian Romano said...

You're definitely right. Ovie's pretty much one dimensional.

Brian Mills said...

Well besides leading the playoffs in puck marks on the glass Semin didn't do much in the series against the Pens. With that being said, he did score a goal in game 6 didn't he? Or is my memory failing me?

Cory McIntyre said...

For some reason, I thought he scored a goal in Game 6 as well. I went and looked up his statistics and he only recorded assists during the series. He might have had a shot that got deflected in.

Damian Romano said...

He had only 6 assists, no goals. Poor semen.

Stephanie said...

I did a twist on this topic with a "Top 10 Things Crosby Said to Semin during the Hand-Shake" if you feel like checking it out (http://steelcitysportsfan.blogspot.com)

You have an AWESOME blog!!

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