It's All About The 'Burgh!

William R. Eller

I've started this post about 15 to 20 times in my head, each time I stop because much like Damian I can’t seem to find the words to accurately describe my feelings. Back in the early 90’s I made the mistake of not taking in everything that I could, I used to sit and try to remember how this town celebrated those cups. I vaguely remember the celebration at Point State Park, I do remember Trottier playing slip n slide with the cup at three rivers, but I have no memories of the party at the airport.

This time has been different. I have replayed those final seconds in my head at least every half hour. I also tear up every time I hear Mike Lange’s victory call on the radio. The celebration at my house that night was great, my car alarm on for minutes, fire works above my house on the hill, and everyone screaming at the top of their lungs. The parade today, which I missed, was awesome to listening to on the radio and seeing the DVR version this afternoon. All the pictures from the parade are even cooler, seeing Max, Jordan, and the guys giving the crowd high fives makes me realize how lucky Pittsburgh is with their sports teams. Do other cities have this close of a relationship with their sports players? Doubt it.

I was born in 1980; I missed everything about the City of Champions years of the 70’s. The Steel Curtain and We are Family were things I just read about and heard stories from my father and uncles. The Penguins of the nineties were my team, I loved them more then I have ever loved the Steelers. But with both teams winning in the same year I feel that passion and love for Pittsburgh. I have never been prouder as I have become this weekend for this city.

That said, here are my favorite moments.

My Stanley Cup favorite moments:

  1. Beating Philadelphia.
  2. Outlasting Ovechkin, and doing it as a team. (Does he ever pass?)
  3. Making Bill Cowher realize he’s done in this city.
  4. Showing Hossa who the better team really is!

My Stanley Cup favorite plays:

  1. Malkin’s backhand goal vs. Carolina
  2. Talbot’s two goals vs. the Wings
  3. MAF’s save vs. Ovechkin
  4. Talbot telling Philly to be quiet
  5. MAF’s last save vs. the Wings to win it all.


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