We've just received news that The Great Ray Shero has done it again and inked Bill Guerin for a one year contract.

Read the details here.

- My assessment -

I really can't determine a full analysis of this until the roster is set, but I did in fact vote here that Guerin should be the Penguins first priority. Reason being, leadership. As much of a leader Crosby is, the 'experience' aspect is his greatest shortcoming. Guerin fill this gap. He may also prove to be once again a 20-25 goal scorer sitting on Crosby's line all year. A one year $2MM, well worth it. Welcome back Billy.

"It doesn't always happen like this," Guerin said. "It was awesome dealing with Ray. He made everything really easy and smooth. He was up front and honest and made it a great situation."


I also like the signing of Craig Adams as well, and at a discounted $550k per annum for 2 years. He's got grit, he's what I consider to be the perfect 4th liner. He's a poor-mans hybrid of Max Talbot and Chris Kunitz. He's not afraid to scrub the boards and forecheck like a demon. He also kills penalties with the best of them.

We welcome back you too Craig.


Laura B. said...

can't wait to see what else Shero has up his sleeve...

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