Blessed: SC Post Game Thoughts

By Derek Tarr

As Penguins fans we have been absolutely blessed with this team and all that they have accomplished. I personally can’t find words do describe what happened yesterday, which makes writing this particularly difficult. It is something that I have seen 3 times in my short lifetime and who knows if you will ever experience this again. I am emotionally and physically drained after this playoff run, nor have I never suited up so I cannot imagine the relief and exhilaration that the players are feeling. This hasn’t sunk in quite yet and probably won’t for days or weeks, but we deserve this one and it is something that cannot be taken away from us.

A casual fan wouldn’t understand the fanaticism of a great number of us Penguin fans. But for those who do understand it know that this goes beyond just the team winning a championship. It’s a team, a fan base, and a city winning pride and respect. Winning something that we have all longed after for 17 years. We all have lived and died through many heartbreaking playoff defeats and rollercoaster seasons that have come up just short. Last year we felt it, we were so close but had it ripped away from us. But at roughly 10:45 PM last evening every disappointment from the past was washed away with pure and utter joy.

When Crosby finally grabbed the cup out of Bettman’s hands we all felt it, we all could see the cup in our hands as we danced around our bars, living rooms. And for that one moment, players, coaches, and fans were united in that instance of triumph.

So here’s to you Penguins Players. Coaches, Fans, whoever- We all deserve this one is for all of us and we will remember this for as long as we live.


  • Superstar Treatment Scores 2 goals
  • Detroit scores 1
  • Fluery proved the naysayers wrong

Oh yea and all the Detroit fans that booed at the end of the game can SUCK IT!! Last year Penguins fans stood and stared at Detroit winning the cup in silence and only applauded their own team’s efforts. Win with class, lose with class!

Hossa can also SUCK IT!


Todd Wyant said...

a city winning pride

SO much about that statement right there...It's a pride, it's just sad that many sports fans in generel don't get that

Will Eller said...

great post...after a quick 6 hours sleep i still am on cloud nine last from last night.

Hearing all the car alarms and fireworks and yelling outside after 0:00 hit was amazing.

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