Thoughts on Crosby, Lidstrom, and Draper

Its high school drama. Crosby, the Pens, and I could give a piss.

Next subject.


Jamison said...

Totally agree. I've over it.

pensgurl872971 said...

i agree 100% he needs to get over

Anonymous said...

If you were to do a survey in all of pro sports to gauge the importance of the handshake whether you are the winner or loser, you would find that the majority of pro athletes would agree that it is in fact the classy thing to do...professional decorum ... which would mean that overall, Crosby is a classless snotty-nosed prima dona with no clue as to the gravity of his actions...Trust me; to some, this is nothing but to the true sports fan and pro athlete, this is inexcusable.
Defend Crosby's actions as much as you want, but this will be like herpes on his professional persona...it'll keep coming back to haunt him..and rightly so. He's grown cocky with his celebrity...it's all very tired.

Damian Romano said...

Dear Anonymous, what I find perhaps the most striking about your comment is the timing. I just got around to read this only second before I rush over to ESPN.com to see that Mr. Hockey himself even defends Crosby's actions. In the article posted at 9pm, Gordie Howe himself says this isn't something that anyone should be concerned with for the simple fact that Crosby (like we're all saying) got caught up in the moment.

You say, "to some, this is nothing but to the true sports fan and pro athlete, this is inexcusable."

How about Mr. Hockey, is he a true sports fan and a pro athlete? I believe he is my friend.

Sounds like what we really have here is really nothing more than a bunch of sore losers.

Read it yourself, and do what my picture says, shhhh.


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