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For years, the Penguin’s “Prospect Camp" has been a very average affair. All of the great talent was on the ‘big’ club, and there were only a few players who you could see as having any talent in the farm system. For example, Luca Caputi was the one prospect that stood out last year. Sometimes others, but for the most part, he was the only one. This year is completely different.

You see people hitting corners on their shots. You see people who are clearly talented. You hear the ‘Wows’ that come from the crowd, even in the simple drills. There aren’t players who are going to control the game like a Malkin or a Crosby. But there are players that we, as fans, are going to love for a very long time.

They battle hard and go to the net. But those hard-nosed players are also very skilled and have great hands.It is exactly what the Penguins want in their wingers for Crosby and Malkin. Eric Tangradi had three re-directions that went into the goal, and watching him play, you know he is never going to leave the front of the net. Hating to say it, but it is great that he is a Philly boy. I hope he breaks their hearts. I am almost sure that he will.

Winning the Stanley Cup changes everything. It is about credibility. It is about validation. The players understand that the system ‘wins’. One could easily argue that the organization is now one of the best in the NHL. The GM and the management is respected for both intelligence and player relations. There is a reason why the Billy Guerin’s of the world would sign for less to remain. There is a reason that other players signed for less as well. That is not lost on the younger players.

Individual analysis tomorrow. Suffice it to say, the future looks good, very very good.


Maz said...

Good stuff...

Coverage of the Pens farm system has been pretty lacking in the media. Good to see someone is paying attention.

Andy Rummel said...

Thanks Maz.

We're going to keep a 'prospect watch' series of articles that will go throughout the year, so look for those in the future.

I'll post more about the camp tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.

Unknown said...

Hey, did the lights go out on Fox Sport Pittsburgh? That was where I got my Pens,Pirates and Steelers fix. Will there not be any nightly news program on local Pittsburgh Sports that I can get on Satellite?

Anonymous said...

Yup, lights are out on the Stan Savran Sportsbeat. They are only going to do pregame and postgame shows on FSP from now on. And unfortunately, there's nothing that I know of (show wise) that is really close to that level of sports coverage in Pittsburgh.

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