Piece Out

Unfortunately our good buddy Rob Scuderi has signed with the LA Kings for 4 years at $3.4MM per year. Its his payday, he's 30, we can't blame him.

Thanks for good times Scuds, you will be missed.

Good luck in Hollywood.


Will Eller said...

just like Antwan Randle El in super bowl 40, made the key play and got his pay day. After you get that ring, why not take the cash.

Will Eller

Unknown said...

colby armstrong is available for a winger....I like it if we can get them

Todd Wyant said...

Scuds was a journeyman for most of his career, and while I am a fan, he is not a 3 mill a year D-Man. I hope he can do something in LA because he has been a class act during his stay in Pitt.

@Derek He is restricted and Atlanta has gone on record about his value to their team. They wanted ANOTHER first rounder just to bring him back last year. Don't get too hopeful on that one.

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