Second Scrimmage of 2009/2010 Season

Team B again defeated Team A 3-0 in the scrimmage this morning at the Mellon arena. That score seems to be an ongoing theme. If the Pens win by same score tonight against Columbus, it could be getting kind of weird. White had significant chances early on, but Black got their act together and scored three unanswered goals. Scoring for the black team started with Defenseman Caffaro into a vacated net, set up by a rebound on a Kevin Veilleux shot. The next two goals were scored by Nick Johnson right in front, set up by Kennedy and Guerin. Both were power play goals, as coach Bylsma decided to award each team several power plays in each of the 20-minute sessions.




Brent Johnson/Parise


Rupp-Smith-Pierro Zabotel



Quick Hitters:

- Kennedy looked really good again on a line with Guerin and Johnson. He had a couple assists and had a good chemistry and understanding with Guerin. His work ethic and dedication definitely showing off. He’s looks like he is becoming quite the surprise for the upcoming season.

- Caputi looked pretty good on a line with Malkin, and was robbed on a couple chances. He could easily have had a couple goals. Malkin at half speed looked amazing.

- Alex Goligoski looked really solid today, and his offensive prowess could be a huge benefit to the Penguins. He understands how to get to the center point and unleash his shot, both for scoring and deflection purposes. Projected to be paired with Jay McKee for the upcoming season, do not be surprised if this defensive combination is as good as Scuderi/Gill.

- Wade Brookbank had to leave the ice after he injured a knee delivering a hit to a player on the boards. He left under his own power, so perhaps it is not too serious.

- Kevin Veilleux played center today, and looked a little bit better than yesterday. But all of his currency that he built up with solid play during prospect camp has been spent. He was ineffectual and looked lost at times during both the practice session and scrimmage.

- Nick Johnson and Luca Caputi certainly looked like they can play with the big boys today. I don’t think they are the playmaking type. But they understand driving the net and working hard, and both had extremely successful games today because of it. This certainly bodes well for their futures as the Pens look for players to play on Crosby’s and Malkin’s wings in 2010 and beyond.


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