Training Camp - Day One

[We will be updating this post periodically throughout the day, despite football starting...hopefully]

  • 9:00am
  • Big turnout for day one at the camp. The most interesting move thus far has been Tyler Kennedy's promotion to the second line alongside Malkin and Fedetenko.
  • 10:00am:
  • [Fedetenko-Malkin-Kennedy] [Rupp-Adams-Goodard] [ Haddad-Zabotel-Peterson] [Eaton-Letang] [Lee-Engelland]
  • [Kunitz-Crosby-Guerin] [Caputi-Letestu-N. Johnson] [Bissonnette-Jeffrey-Wallace] [McKee-Golgoski] [Caffaro-Guenin] [Hunt-Grant]
  • [Cooke-Staal-Dupuis] [Tangradi-Smith-Connor] [Brookbank-Vitali-Veileux]
  • [Gonchar-Orpik] [Lovejoy-Strait] [Depres-Bortuzzo]

Thanks to Dustin Johns for these pics.

Thanks to Aliza Balcer for these pics. Apparently Geno, Feds, and Kennedy are electric.

Thanks to Mario LaCaffinie for these pics.


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