Two More Days...Just Hang In There

Alright, enough pussy-footing around with random posts about ESPN flaws, Pens hockey is just 2 days away. And we get to see more stuff like this too (pic).

Just look at Bylsma's face.

I'm stoked. There is so much to look forward to this year. Last year we spent the offseason in endless depression after losing the Cup and then losing a key player that helped us get there. This year we spent the offseason basking in the glory of the greatest thing to happen to Pens fans in 17 years, bringing THE CUP back to Pittsburgh.

Sure we lost a couple of key guys in Scuderi and Gill. We're they integral to our success? You're damn right they were. But they were essentially role players, and while you need role players, they come and go. If you lose a [the] piece...you find a piece [McKee]. We lost USS Hal Gill too, but we just signed Martin Skoula, another big blue-liner with a great birthday (10/28).

On the offensive front things are nearly identical to last year. Satan and Sykora won't be back with the team, but their contribution was effectively minimal through the playoffs. We did bring back Geurin and Fedetenko at discounted rates. And have you seen our prospects? The only real story here is who will be flying on Geno's other wing side. For now that will be TK's responsibility. Let's hope he can answer the call.

I want you to ponder this for just a second. Of course you know this - I know this too, but look at what our core has accomplished in conjunction with their ages. Its quite unreal to be honest. Some guys don't ever get to even play in a Stanley Cup during their tenure as NHL hockey players...these guys have had two appearances already with their names etched in from last year. Unless something tragic happens or there is a huge financial dispute, the future is nothing but BRIGHT for the Pens for years to come. Throw the likes of Gonchar, Geurin, Kunitz, Letang, and Orpik into the mix, well, smells like the right recipe for another Stanley Cup. Are you ready?

Sidney Crosby, 22

  • Art Ross Trophy, 2007
  • Lester B. Pearson Award,  2007
  • Hart Memorial Trophy, 2007
  • NHL First All-Star Team, 2007
  • Stanely Cup Apperance, 2008
  • Stanley Cup Champion, 2009

Evgeni Malkin, 23

  • Calder Memorial Trophy, 2007
  • Hart Memorial Trophy Nomination,  2008, 2009
  • Pittsburgh Penguins' Most Valuable Player, 2008, 2009
  • Art Ross Trophy, 2009
  • Stanley Cup Appearance, 2008
  • Stanley Cup Champion, 2009
  • Conn Smythe Trophy, 2009

Jordan Staal, 21 
  • Shared Pittsburgh Penguins Michel Brière Rookie of the Year Award with Evgeni Malkin - 2007
  • Calder Memorial Trophy nomination, 2007
  • NHL All-Rookie Team, 2007
  • Stanley Cup Appearance, 2008
  • Stanley Cup Champion, 2009

Marc Andre Fleury, 24
  • NHL Rookie of the month - October 2003
  • Stanley Cup Appearance, 2008
  • Stanley Cup Champion, 2009

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