Mellon Memories: The Fugitives

So a very vivid and memorable moment in Mellon Arena for me actually didn't include the Pens at all. My friend, his father, and myself attended a WWF TV taping when we were probably 13 years old. The event had ended and we had decided to make our way up to the higher levels to get some great photos of the stage and ring. We kept going higher and higher. The building is clearing out. Ushers are asking people to leave but that didn't stop us at all. Just some innocent fans and a parent getting some quality photos. To this day I'm not sure exactly where we ended up in the building, but I swear to you there was barely enough room for us to shimmy around. For all I know, we could have been on a catwalk above the arena floor. In my head I know something is not right about the situation. We stumble upon a door. No idea what's on the other side. We contemplate opening it, and after little to no thought at all, we decide to give it a shot. Next thing we know...BUZZERS AND SIRENS. We took off as fast as we could, friend's father included. Next thing I remember are security and ushers down below shining flashlights around as if they are looking for Harrison Ford. They spot us and shout, asking what we are doing. By that point we know where we had to go. We headed for the stairs and out the building we went. The story was recently retold when his father brought it up at his wedding. I was his best man. It may have something to do with sharing that experience.

Dustin D. Johns

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