Penguins Gameday - 10/23/09 - Cats

The Pens are coming off of one of their best starts in franchise history. With an 8-1-0 record and Fleury setting a franchise record for the best start, the Pens are picking up right where they left off. Despite the loss of Gonchar for a few weeks things are still looking up. Perhaps the best thing for the Pens right now is to test their defensive and special teams adjustments out on a team that doesn't have a whole lot clicking for them. The Panthers are just 2-5-0 on the season and 1-4-0 since returning home from Finland. It will be interesting to see if/how they bounce back after the massacre against the Sabers the other night. Or will the Penguins take advantage of the Panthers demise, kicking them while their down?

For once in a while the offense will not be the initial talk of the night, rather the new defensive pairings at hand. Martin Skoula will get his first action in a Penguins uniform and will likely be paired with Jay McKee. Likewise Bylsma will be giving Fleury a nights rest and start Brent Johnson in net. BJ showed me a thing or two verses the Coyotes despite the loss. I look for him to bounce back and show us why he's a tenured goalie in the league.
PREDICTION: 5-3, in favor of the Pens.




Here are the highlights from our last meeting, a 4-2 loss - April 5th, 2009 in Florida.

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