Pens Lose: Sick of writing that....

Yep, here's another post on how the Penguins lost. They dropped their fourth in a row, this time to Satan's squad for the second time this year. One goal in our last 10 periods. Its a strange feeling. I mean, I know there's a reason why we're losing. Actually there are 6 sitting up there in the banner. But we all hate to lose, we just do. I said before that this team is a .500 squad in their current condition. I might have to alter it and say they may be more like a .400 squad. Now, they did play much better hockey, but that's about as good as they get. At least Crosby got a point.

TWEET of the NIGHT comes from none other than Robert Strong.
"Guerin looks like he was out til 3 a.m. sopping up booze & making it rain at Blush last night & then rode the ganja train home."

Random thoughts.

  • Superman did everything to make it happen. He turned it up a few levels but unfortunately didn't get very much support. 24 shifts, 23:41 time of the ice.
  • Chris Bourque missed a wide open net point blank. The jerk store called...
  • Staal had a good first two periods,though didn't live up to the "A" on his chest.
  • Four WBS Penguins, one shot on goal.
  • Pens powerplay is 0-2,589.
  • Brodeur had 21 saves, the post had 4.
  • Devils aren't that good. Parise is though.
  • Geno's expected back Saturday. 

When Geno's back, Sid is happy. 

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