Move over Arnold Slick from Turtle Creek, here comes Loretta!

Ever walk into the Mellon Arena or any hockey venue at that, and see the women who look like they would rather be home painting their toe nails or watching the latest episode of a pointless reality show? I’m sure you all have.

Now , here is the real question, have you taken notice to the women who are there sporting their team colors, screaming at the referee because of a bad call or yelling at Eric Godard to beat Riley Cote’s ass. Probably very few of you.

I know to some it might be humanly impossible for a female to know what she’s talking about when it comes to sports, but I hate to break it to ya fellas, We ARE out there!
In fact some women know more about sports than their opposite gender. Unreal huh?

Be honest, when you hear a girl say, “I’m a Pens fan”, you’re first thought is, “Oh right, it’s because of Sidney Crosby or that Max Talbot”. The horrid puck bunny title. Though that maybe be true to some chicas, it’s not for the most of us.

Seeing Jay McKee block a slap shot or watching Billy Guerin score with .4 left in the third is what us hockey gals like to witness at a game. Exciting passing plays, sick back handers, amazing glove saves, and some kick ass throw downs, yes we love that too!

I got a chance to ask a few female fans their opinion on the situation. The question was “Why do you think most guys classify female hockey fans as “puck bunnies”?”

I've watched games with guys who gawked at me .... and then tried to come up with ways to knock me down.... I've been a hockey fan so long, it scares them when I know what happened in the NHL before 1991.” -Beth
Guys cannot stand it when a female is a true fan, and knows actual facts about a sport, not just who's butt looks good in a uniform. Most guys still live in the caveman era, where sports are strictly for men & cooking/cleaning is for the women. And some just can't get past their ego to realize that women are capable to be an involved, well educated sports fan. Many times I have proved to guys that I do know my facts (especially when it comes to hockey). Some live in denial still while others respect me for knowing my stuff” - DeAnna R.

Sports have always been a "guy" thing in the past, and like others have said, some guys just can't handle when a girl knows just as much about sports as they do. The times have changed...women can play sports, be sportscasters these days, but some people just still can't accept it. A lot of girl know their stuff” -Marian

Any female sports fan can agree with me that they are tired of being stereotyped when it comes to liking a sport they are passionate about. If you are a female fan, stand up for yourself, and proudly say, “I AM A FEMALE SPORTS FAN AND I AM NOT A SLUT WHO IS TRYING TO GET IN THE ATHLETES PANTS, AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE THAT, TOO BAD!!” - DeAnna L.
Men are intimidated with women who know more than they do, but most guys I know would rather hang out with a girl who knows her sports and can talk her sports, than discuss fashion of the week or "how do I look??? I like looking at the players myself, but let's face it, they could all be my son!!!” -Vicki
Now don’t get me wrong there are men out there who appreciate women for their love of the game. I mean if were a guy I would love the fact that a girl knows as much about sports as I did. That way if you would have to take her on a date, going to a game would be favored rather than sitting through a boring chick flick or musical and that’s an added bonus.

So the next time you see a girl walking down the sidewalk wearing a Crosby jersey don’t assume she is wearing that because he is “a hottie”, because that girl may be able to kick your butt in some Hockey 101.

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