Pens Lose: So does the NHL

Games like these is why Mario retired twice...ok maybe not but man do I hate the trap.

Leave it to me to bring one of the worst displays of hockey to do a recap for PensUniverse. The Penguins lose their fourth game to New Jersey and the second in a row by way of a shutout by Martin Broudeur. I give the Pens some credit for sticking with it and not getting to frustrated by the trap, but at some point early in the third I just wanted to see someone run one of the Devils.

First off I really hate 7:00 games, one they actually never start at 7 and you really never get into the game until about ten minutes left in the first period. Apparently the Pens thought the game started about 7:15 because at 18:12 of the period Niclas Bergfors scores his 13th of the season from basically the corner just throwing it at the net. You can't blame Johnson for the goal, he was screened by at least two players.

Half way through the period the third line got some things going but Broudeur stops Staal at the doorstep. Just when you feel the Pens gaining momentum Max Talbot takes a penalty, starting to wonder where Max has been and I think head coach Dan Bylsma is thinking the same. The PK unit was great holding the Devils to only 1 shot and really never got to set up shop. Things start to open up with 5:00 minutes in the period two really bad giveaways by both teams lead to chances at the doorstep. Following some more end to end play Brett Johnson makes a huge save (get used to that statement). Right at the end of the period New Jersey gets the puck in deep, Dupois has a chance to lay the lumber on someone but doesn't, puck gets passed to the net but no dice for NJ, just a lazy play by Duper.

Shots 9-12 in favor of NJ and 4-7 in favor of NJ with scoring chances.

I wanted to take a nap during the intermission but the commercials were more entertaining then the game at this point. Malkin has a couple of tries with Feds getting a chance five minutes in, later Kunitz rocks Clarkson trying to get the Penguins going. Later Malkin comes with some speed, inside out move but no dice. Back come the Devils another big save by Johnson, NJ maintains the strong wave for a few shifts but Johnson stays strong through the period.

Shots 14-11 (23-23 total) and the scoring chances are 10-12 total for the Devils.

The third period begins and that empty feeling began in my stomach, I knew what was coming. Johnson starts out with a big save, then spends the next half a period keeping the Pens alive. Cooke takes a stupid penalty for slashing, during the kill Letang miss reads a pass behind the net and NJ maintains position. Malkin then blocks a shot and is hurt for a shift or two. Kunitz takes a slashing minor.

During the kill, Crosby has a chance cuts to the slot goes backhander to the net, Marty makes the save a instantly passes the puck up ice trapping 3 pens deep. A good defensive play by Gonch allows Sid to get back just in time to block a cross crease pass, Sid tries to get the puck out, he does but takes a Delay of Game penalty. The 5 on 3 for the Devils is killed but Gonch is hurt blocking a shot, NJ had almost a minutes of time while he was hurt to strike but the Pens kept NJ at bay.

Then the moment I waited two and a half hours for, the Two Headed monster is out on the ice, Malkin draws a penalty with 1:26 left, the Pens call timeout and pull Johnson for a 6-4 PP. Scramble, Scramble, Scramble, Gonch shot is blocked from the point and Jamie Langenbrunner scores the empty net shorthanded goal. Game.

Apparently everyone was to bored by the game to send in a Tweet of the Night.

* Talbot might be looking for a new job unless he steps it up soon.
* Dupuis played a lazy couple of shifts but Johnson saved him.
* Bad game by Letang, many times he was out of place on the ice.
* After the Olympics we'll be loving a game like this by Johnson.
* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
* Broudeur's shut out streak vs. the Pens is longer then most DMV lines.

Just saying March 12th, sign this guy, he OWNS Broudeur.

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