Mellon Memories: A Plethora o' Mem'ries

My parents used to drop us off on Friday nights with $5 in our pockets and send us to the game for the evening. I watched Jean Pronovost, Syl Apps (hit 'em with your purse, Sylvia!), Bob Kelly, Bugsy Watson and so many great Penguins. I remember the loss to the Islanders when the Pens were up the playoffs that pushed them into bankruptcy. The year Lou Angotti coached the Pens to a 33 point season, insuring they would draft Mario Lemieux. Gene Collier with the PG wrote a memorable column at the end of the 1983 season making fun of the Pens and Devils trying to lose to draft Mario. Gene Ubriaco said coaching Lemieux was like "teaching a shark table manners". The best time before Mario arrived was when Gene Gene the dancing machine sat in the upper deck and would dance during the breaks. Or the sign lady - who could forget her wacky signs she held up during the breaks in the action. The seventh goal was a chili goal. The worst night ever was the night Kevin Stevens fell to the ice unconscious during the playoffs after the second Stanley Cup. A dynasty interrupted. One the best nights was Jimmy Buffet playing "Ragtop Day" as the roof was slowly opened and he declared " lets put the roof down on this sucker". My best memory is the night Mario cane back from retirement and scored a goal and an assist. Seeing the banner lowered and the excitement in the building was unforgettable. Of course a close second is the night I sat at the very top of D24 and the guy next to me screamed so loud when they scored that he spit his dentures out and they landed three rows in front of us. The old girl has given Pens fans a lot to remember..we'll miss her.

Charlie S.

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