Penguins Gameday 2/6/10 - The Sky is Falling

Well if you live anywhere near Pittsburgh you see what I mean from the title, if you're Damian you're just sitting there laughing at all of us (he lives in Raleigh, NC). Today I realized that I couldn't find my snow shovel just in time to find 19 inches of white stuff on the ground. I haven't seen snow like this in many many years.

Many many years seems like the last time the Penguins have played. With the way their schedule has been over the last month or so, a five day layoff doesn't seem possible.

First off, the Penguins have recalled Mark Letestu and Tim Wallace from the Baby Pens. Marky Mark comes off his first goal during the Buffalo game, and this marks Tim's first appearance for Pittsburgh this year after 16 games last season. The call ups were made yesterday evening and with the weather situation in the east it may be difficult getting them for the game today. The practice line ups will show a surprise.

Here are the highlights from the last meeting and the recap from PensUniverse.

Here were the lines used in practice curtsy of the Pens website:

Rupp-Adams-Skoula (Letestu)



Will's thoughts for this afternoons game:

  1. Strike early, keep Montreal down.
  2. Keep the powerplay momentum.
  3. Be physical.
  4. If your at home, enjoy the game with a blanket and some hot chocolate. Maybe a snuggie if you're into that.

I'll leave you all with this..

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