The Tall and the Short if it - Habs 5 Pens 3

Hal Gill, Brian Gionta and a bunch of AHLer's called up from Hamilton beat the Pens Saturday afternoon.

From the Craptastic non-penalty call to the very end, this game was not meant to be for the Pens. This is yet ANOTHER time recently that the Pens have been unable to win 3 consecutive games.

The only alarming thing that stood out to me was on the radio broadcast. During their Question and Answer segment, someone asked if the Pens would be making any trade due to the nature of the flurry of trade activity lately.

Phil Bourque responded "No. He doesn't believe the Pens need to make any trades. They have everything they need.."

Can we just blame it on the snow? Would that make it all better?

Didn't think so.

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