And The Lord shall spare a kitten this day!

The last regular season homestand in the Igloo has begun for the Penguins, only tonight there's no G's (Geno, Gonchar, Godard). The only notable Flyer missing is Jeff Carter, but really, are we missing him?

 Tonight was the first NHL appearance of Johan Backlund, the 4th goalie that Philly would dress this season. Anyway, let's get to the action.
This game started  rather sloppily for both teams, within a minute, Aaron Asham tosses up the knucklepuck while Fleury was checking his watch to see if the game was supposed to start yet.

1-0 Flyers

Two minutes later, Kunitz goes buzzing in to Pronger and bounces off. Leave it to Bob Errey to start the "Pound Pronger" campaign. The Flyers for most of the first period looked interested in this game while the Pens didn't get off to a good start, they looked great with positioning and puck handling. THis period would drone on. I got REALLY excited to see some lady knitting behind the Flyers bench......I mean really, 10 minutes into a Pens/Flyers matchup, and not a penalty called. The Pens moved the puck up, Orpik takes a shot, Poni hits the post on an open net. I started to feel a real vitamin deficiency, like this game was going to be one of those games. Naturally, I went looking for something to supplement my need. I finally get my first dose, Giroux grabs Fleury behind the net, and MAF refuses the Mary Kay makeover. 2 minutes for Claude instead of the pink Monte Carlo. Pens forget they have an extra skater....nothing going. Backlund is looking solid throughout the 1st. He showed some really good fundamentals. A few minutes later, TK gets dumped, Van Riemsdyk goes off for 2, Pens powerplay now 0 for 2. As the VRD penalty expires, the Pens are pressing Leopold shoots. The rebound is complete Juicy Juice with 100% vitamin C. Kunitz kicks a glass to his stick, takes a chug

Ahhhh 1-1 Tie Game, that's refreshing...
End of 1

Oh my, the 2nd period is underway, Ponikarovsky is putting on a clinic as to why Ray Shero dealt for him. Then the Flyers turn back to old habits of running Fleury, Van Riemsdyk is gone again. Pens sink to 0 for 3 with the man advantage and Betts hits the post on the SH attempt. Penalty expires and the Flyers are trying to show that they are making an effort. Flyers make the break out, Leino runs Fleury, Gagne buries the puck.

2-1 Flyers but wait...

Refs call incidental contact on Fleury, he was denied the opportunity to play the puck. Just because he was out of the crease kids, doesn't mean it's still not interference. Flyers get the goal disallowed, but receive no penalty either. Upon further review of explanations, It is written in the Bible (somewhere in Revelations) that if Simon Gagne scores a goal in the Igloo again, then all life as we know it would end. The Refs stayed strong in their faith, and saved the world.

1-1 Again

Twitter explodes with the wrath of Flyers fan, well at least for the 3 that know how to use some form of technology. At this point the refs are talking to Backlund, essentially asking if he is ok and him responding and asking for the quickest way out of a Flyers uni. Play resumes and Backlund makes a huge stop on Craig Adams, who knocked a Mike Rupp pass out of the air towards the goal. I cannot explain what happened next in any justifiable way. Mike Rupp lays a hit on Scott Hartnell. Hartnell's stick just dies like it had just spotted Roseanne Barr in the nude.

6 minutes into the period, Pens make the breakout play. Poni with a sweet pass to Crosby, who swoops in with a shot and Pascal Dupuis helps himself to a glass of juice.

2-1 Pens

From this point on, the Pens just really control the flow of the game. The passes were solid and on the tape. Bob Errey decides that he is Nostradamus and predicts that the Pens will get the next penalty. Before too long, Rupp stands up for Fleury and spends the next 2 minutes meditating. Well, that Flyers powerplay had inspired the Pens PK units to take up knitting themselves. Unreal breakout for Crosby and Adams which ends up as another Backlund save. Subsequently, random Flyer dumps Adams on top of Backlund.
End of 2

To everyone's surprise, Brian Boucher starts the 3rd period, and no explanation is given. At the time, it was presumed to be a nagging groin injury. Thanks to the goalie change, I heard an entire fan base slap their foreheads in unison for the first time.
Well, the Pens take a penalty early on in the 3rd, but the Flyers PP allowed both Talbot and Adams to complete their doilies that they were knitting in the 2nd. Not too long after, Pronger decides to shave Talbot with his stick. Giroux chokes on a good 4 on 4 opportunity.

I swear Philly just stopped caring at this point, completely disinterested.

Well, Guerin with a huge dump in, Cooke takes it behind the goal while Parent is trying to obstruct him. Parent loses his stick, Sid gets the puck and pops it out front to a waiting Fedotenko who dumps it to Cooke.


The Flyers continued to look like they would rather be somewhere else, even getting a powerplay.
Then Scott Hartnell got a penalty for breathing the air in Pittsburgh. A few seconds later, Fed Ex delivers!


The game went on for a bit longer, but enough juice was had and dinner was waiting.

Game Over

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