Are You Ready?

With all the nice weather in Pittsburgh over the last few weeks, I don't think many Penguins fans realize there are only ten games left on the schedule before the playoffs.

Remember this time last year, we were begging to get into the playoffs, new head coach Dan Bylsma led us on the miracle run straight to Lord Stanley. Sid and Geno had awesome stretch drives and no one played bigger than Marc Andre Fleury.

Well let me take you back one year ago, and try to get you ready for what is just around the corner. The Stanley Cup playoffs. Remember the crowds in front of the Mellon? How about Max Talbot telling Philadelphia what we all wanted to say SHHHHHHH!!!! Then MAF's save in game seven against Ovechkin gave us the opportunity to watch Geno cause Cam Ward to lose his liquor license.

We all remember the feeling of winning the cup, but do you remember all the passion, the huge let downs, and the pure hatred for your opponent. Well this week should give you a hint of what is just down the road for your Pittsburgh Penguins.

Starting Monday night, the Penguins travel to Detroit to take on the Red Wings. Yes I know a Stanley Cup rematch. However the Red Wings are just barely holding on to the 8Th and final playoff spot with a two point lead over the Calgary Flames. Man wouldn't it be great to be a part of final collapse of the Wings missing the playoffs. Just when you could have some satisfaction of beating Detroit the Penguins head to Washington to take on Ovechkin and the Capitals. AO has the first seed all but wrapped up, but I would love to see him go goalless vs. the Pens so Sid can win the Rocket Richard Trophy. Just when you think its OK to let the kids celebrate, the Philadelphia Flyers come into the Mellon for the last time ever. If we didn't need the two points to maintain the division lead, I would say lets just beat them up all over the ice for 60 plus minutes. If somehow your adrenaline isn't pumping then just watch Scott Hartnell for a shift and you'll want blood for yourself.

Rivalry week to say the least, but its time to get focused for the task at hand repeating as Stanley Cup Champs. It won't be long for myself to get the car alarm ready for every goal. It won't be long that my cat hides upstairs for three and a half hours because I am yelling at the refs, and it won't be long to see Lord Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh once again.

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