Mellon Memories: Fan appreciation, for real...

This is not an old Mellon arena story, rather a story from last years push to the cup. My friends and I would always set up camp at the Trib Jumbotron at least 7 hours before the game.

Before game 5 of the Flyers series my one friend goes up to David Morehouse and just says thank you for being great to the fans for putting out the TV and having such great fan appreciation. He then asks how many people are with her, she says 4. And before we know it David Morehouse is walking into the grass to hand my friend 4 Igloo Club seats 5-6 rows off the glass.

Unfortunately we ended up losing the game but it was an amazing experience having 4 die hard fans planning to sit out in the cold rain all night screaming their heads off for the Pens in the igloo section getting the most awkward looks because I don't think the igloo club had ever seen fans quite like us. Just a testament to how much the Penguins organization cares for their fans. Mellon Arena is a wonderful place and this is just one of my many memories that I have of this wonderful building.

Jesse R Cibella

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