Penguins Pregame 3/7/10 - Pens vs. Bruins

Good morning to PensUniverse, its a awesome looking day in Pittsburgh. The Penguins are coming off another March win, a great second half performance vs. the Dallas Stars. Sid the Kid dominated once again and the new guy on the block gets a PP goal late.

As we said in the post game vs the Rangers, this is just an example of what we're going to see from the Pens down the stretch: Lots of Fire Power. Riding a 3 game wining streak following the Olympics is just the way you want to start the finish. Following this game the Pens have a few days off until they travel south to take on the streaking Hurricanes. Damian is set to be there equipped with his ALL BUSINESS t-shirt...pics to follow.

Here is the highlights from the November OT thriller, and the PensUniverse recap:

No word on the lines from the Penguins website, I will assume that they will remain the same from yesterday afternoon. Guerin is likely to sit again, the old man needs to get 100% before the playoffs start.




Well my thoughts for the game are on a roll since the Olympic break, but I am going to change it up slightly.
  1. Power Play - we score, we win...I like the trend.
  2. Goal tending - Fleury seemed to find the grove in the 2ND, will he keep it.
  3. Goal Scoring - secondary scoring is up since the break, keep it going.

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