My Goodbye to the Igloo - Game 2

My last game ever at the Igloo is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life. However I can't wait to see what is in store at the Consol Energy Arena next year. I fell in love with Pittsburgh and the Penguins as any western Pennsylvania kid would. I challenge anyone to deny how beautiful the Pittsburgh skyline is, especially at night. My hockey night in Pittsburgh began as it always does with my wife Jen. Having a true hockey fan in a wife ranks up there as greatest things ever in my mind. The best part is my soon-to-be-here daughter Charlotte heard everything the Mellon had to offer on Friday.

The Mellon was completely on fire and the passion was unbelievable. Then the first goal by Ottawa, was, well, simply put, STUNNED. I completely fit the description. A few moments later I hear the mock cheer for MAF...are you kidding me? Not here. Fleury has been to back to back Stanley Cups and you mock? Nay, you cheer him, you encourage him But I digress. The good thing was Kunitz got a nice shot off and Sid the SUP87MAN finds the rebound, 1-1. Mellon on fire. Total redemption. Amazing how quickly the crowd turns around.

Then something I felt something I never thought I would feel during a hockey game. I wanted blood. Sutton's hit on Leopold wasn't cheap, real cheap. I don't think he should be suspended, but it was cheap nonetheless. I do think a fine should be in order, and for his sake he should be glad the period ended quickly after the hit. The fans, including myself, wanted payback...pure hatred from 17,132 people. My mind went straight to Adam Graves the way people were yelling at Sutton. Rupp and Talbot tried to get some payback but not what we all wanted.

Sid's save and subsequent dance around the crease was epic and the place went crazy for Letangs goal, so loud, so awesome. The game ended and then I knew it was time to say good-bye. I tried to fight the tears, but couldn't. As my wife and I walked outside a fan from Chicago asked if we could take his pic, we did, and he then took on of us.

My amazing night was over, time to say goodbye to Pittsburgh and the Igloo. I'll be back to the city I love but will miss the building that brought me hockey.

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