Penguins Gameday 4/6/10 - Yes, its them again.

Sometimes I get the feeling we play these guys every week, whether its because of Ovechkin or my hatred for the entire Caps franchise, I just don't know. Either way the Pens face the Caps one last time in the regular season at the good ole Igloo.

My first memory/nightmare of the Igloo was because of the Caps, an 8-0 loss to the Caps is probably one of the reasons I hate them so much. I remember my father asking me with 7 minutes left in the game, pens down by 5 if I wanted to go. I knew dad had to be awake for work at 3:00AM so I reluctantly said yes. Every time we went down a level the Caps scored again, by the time I got the car it was 8-0. With two Stanley Cups and Petr Nedved you would think I would be over this horrible moment, but I am not, that is the Ovechkin factor I believe. When you watch the Caps now you see high flying offense and a great power play. They play little to no defense, the penality killing is bad, and goaltending is sub-par to say the least. You and I both know you can't win the cup with those factors in question. I think I'll have the last laugh over the Caps once again.

The Pens go into tonight without Kunitz; if it were the playoffs you know he would be able to go. Feds gets the jump to play with Sid, and its time he gets it going. This is about the time of year you see his name in the score sheet anyway. Here are the probable line ups for tonight.

Dupuis - Crosby - Fedotenko
Ponikarovsky - Malkin - Guerin
Cooke - Staal - Kennedy
Rupp - Talbot - Adams



My keys for tonights game:

1.) Powerplay - Make them pay for the stupid penality they will take

2.) Run Ovechkin - More a wish then key, but keep a body on him, soften him up for the playoffs.

3.) Expose the goalie - I think we'll see Varlamov tonight. We need tobremind him early and often that we're the champs.

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