Pens Win: Sens Wear Depends, Again...

It's 30 minutes until I have to get in playoff mode for a second sport and watch my Phoenix Suns take on the Portland Trailblazers, so pardon my abbreviated recap.

First things first, a video of Daniel Alfredsson was shot just after the game...

Secondly, we'd like to thank the Penguins for winnings two in a row to lower the suicide rate in Pittsburgh. Bandwagon fans from all over are now starting to take a second look at life and seeking counseling. Thanks guys.

Despite being out hit and losing the faceoff battle, the Pens did just about everything right in this game. You could tell Bylsma pretty much has the Senators figured out, took him a game or two. They don't see each other very much during the regular season and unfortunately its difficult to really gauge your opponents strengths and weaknesses throughout that time. Though I'll stand here tonight and tell you that the Sens didn't win game one, the Pens lost. The margin of error was this close to the series being 3-0. Either way, we're back in command.

What the hell is this?

Ponikarovski started everything off right with a goal just over a minute into the game. From then on the Pens controlled the pace of the period; oddly only getting 4 shots on net. Ending the period the Sens had a goal taken away from Peter Regin after he forgot he wasn't playing soccer. Pens took the lead into the second, but unfortunately also took a penalty from Staalzy. God I can't wait for him to really get going. Jordan has looked better in each of his 3 games and pretty soon here he'll get a big scoring game under his belt.

Evidently NBC is as confused as Versus (see below)

So hot right now...

The second period was ultimately the most exciting. The Sens took advantage of the powerplay (and Kris Letang) by a nice feed from Regin to Mike Fisher-Underwood. Letang decided to not chase Regin being the net forcing Orpik out of position and leaving Fisher all by his lonesome, 1-1. Ottawa got a little more physical from that point and took the energy over, but only for like 4 minutes. After Superstar Talbot made a good play to chip the puck to Geno to make it 2-1, the momentum shifted immensely. Much of the ice time was spent in the Senators zone, just where we like it. And just before the end of the second SUP87MAN does it again by playing with Elliot the way E.T. did. He stayed in front of him until he wanted to make his move, then waited for Elliot to lye down and he struck...3-1, end of period.

Well, Versus was all kinds of wrong here.

Third period was all smiles from this household. Four minutes and fifty two seconds into the third offered us a taste of why Billy G is slow damn slow during the regular season, cause he's saving it for when it counts.

Just look at this...thing of beauty...

This goal sealed the deal, no questions asked. Though the Sens weren't about to go quietly in their hometown. Former Raleigh local and Carolina Hurricane Matt Cullen decided he was going to stand Fleury up and get one over his shoulder to try to leave enough time on the clock for a comeback. And the Senators did come hard (oops). Yeah, at this point I was just hoping the Pens would hang on and don't do anything stupid. As Oz pointed out in the game, a two goal lead is the worst in hockey. Interestingly enough during the two goal stretch Orpik had a chance to stun Elliot, no dice. Then later Daniel Alfredsson decides to, how you say, knee Orpik out of frustration. Not a common penalty, usually administered by those in the video above.

Pens win, game over. 2-1, suck it. See you Tuesday.

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