Round 1 - Game 6: Ottawa Bound

After a triple overtime event on Thursday with over four and a half hours of playoff hockey, we're all tired, I couldn't even bring myself to recap the game. Some of us stayed up to midnight, others like recent commenter Enric, stayed up to 5:30am only to watch the Pens lose. Well it wasn't without a fight. Some of the defensive plays were the best we've seen throughout the playoffs, especially that diving effort from Matt Cooke [ESPN] to save a Senators opportunity. Not to mention the goaltending efforts from both Fleury and Leclair. Unfortunately us Penguin fans were let down, some more than others. We were looking forward to rolling into the weekend with the quarter finals behind us and on to the semi's. But like they did last year versus both Philly (Shhhh) and Washington, the Pens weren't able to close it out at home. But I guess neither did Washington, so the hockey gods are governing as expected. In real life however, here is what the NHL odds are on the game.

Here's what Disco had to say...

Chris Conner has been recalled from the Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins. Chris was kind enough to let us borrow his time earlier this season and answer a few questions for us at PensU. Interesting to note that he had his best AHL game ever the day after, a 6 point effort with 3 goals and 3 assists. EN would rather have had Tangradi or Johnson called up given the potential growth ahead of them. No telling if he'll be in the line up, but clearly he's up to replace the injured Tyler Kennedy. They both play a very similar brand of hockey, high energy and tons of speed. Thus far in 8 games for the Pens he has 3 pts (2g, 1a) and is a -1.

Crosby on the other hand is playing other-worldly and currently holds the top spot on all the major statistical categories in the playoffs, offensively speaking. He was awarded an extra assist in game 5 and now has 14 for the series. He's only 3 away from tying Lemieux's playoff record for points in a series with 17 against Washington in 1992. But lets not get ahead of ourselves with all, let's just get through tonight and let tomorrow worry about itself. Interesting to note that only one game has been won on home ice [game 2].

“This is a new situation and one where you have to find a way where we are at our best,” Crosby said.I think that is the most important thing. A little experience always helps. We have to make sure we turn the page here.”

Indeed. Though it's time for the Pens to not pussy-foot around like they did in the first period of game 5. See, when you're up 3-1 in a series there tends to be both patience and complacency present. The tough part is discerning which one you're actually going through at the time mentally. Initially I'd say the Pens were playing patient, but then complacency reared it's ugly head and they went down 2-0 early. Conversely the Senators were (and are) playing for their season. Thus desperation is their biggest motivator. And it worked on Thursday. They are a grimy team with a solid defense. You give Spezza, Fisher, or Alfie some space and they can make it happen.

Word on the street is Geno's parent's have flown into town...









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