What's so special about [Crosby]? - Alex Semin

With the "arrival" of the Montreal Canadiens, there is no way that this cannot be revisited

Let's make the comparison, starting with the playoffs:

Crosby - 6 GP- 5g 9A = 14pts
Semin -  7 GP- 0g 1A = 1 pt

I guess it's fairly easy to see what the current difference is. One team is moving on to another round of playoffs, one is not. One player is a major contributor, the other is not

If you don't know the reference, I suggest starting here.

Spout whatever regular season stats you want. Sid has won a Stanley Cup and a Gold Medal, each time going THROUGH an A.Semin team. Apparently he wins trophies for being a whiner quite often as well. I have yet to hear a teammate complain about it though.

Enjoy your off-season Alex, again.....

Pic credit to @JPfab - Thanks

That doesn't look like the business of happiness Ted, looks more like: 1. AOL Stocks took a dump  or 2. Caps lost a series after leading 3 games to 1 to an 8 Seed....oh wait...

UPDATE: No way am I the only person who saw this....but...

If you notice the lighting on Semin's helmet....Could 87 REALLY be the ghost that will haunt Ovechkin's career?

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