.....but you can't crush the kingdom!

Yes, Game 7 is on Wednesday...whatever, all commentaries shall be put aside now, a loss is a loss and we are now in a Best of One series, in the Igloo.
Just know now, this will be a Royal Rumble just to have another game, let alone another one in the Igloo.
The Habs are not going to lay down, it's time for the Pens to come out and put the questions to bed.

If you are looking to make excuses for Pittsburgh now, please leave the bus before I go all....
That's right......Kitten Punching!

No reason to bail on the Pens now, Game 7 is what hockey is all about and there simply is nothing like them.

If this applies to you, just be warned.....I cut all of the bungee cables. We will not allow you to re-apply for the bandwagon next year, you are hereby considered unemployable. Your position will be filled with the unwanted immigrants from Arizona.

I call upon the fury of "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott- I recommend everyone get their collective heads right and prepare.....This will end tomorrow night!

"Respect, Walk"

I'd talk about the Bruins/Flyers, but who cares right now!

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