Later Yeo...

Word quickly got out Tuesday night, that Penguins assistant coach Mike Yeo would no longer be behind the bench. Yeo has accepted a head coaching job with the Minnesota Wild's AHL affiliate, the Houston Aeros. In hearing this we say Good Luck Yeosy, but let's take at look at what Mike has done for the Pens over the seasons, shall we? Let's talk powerplay. The past two seasons the poweplay has not been at it's best, at all, but that wasn't always the case. Over the Mike Yeo era the powerplay has gone as followed:

2009-10 – 17.2% – 20th in the league

2008-09 – 17.2% – 20th in the league

2007-08 – 20.4% – 4th in the league

2006-07 – 20.3% – 5th in the league

2005-06 – 19.0% – 6th in the league

Really the PP hasn't always been that terrible with Yeo behind the wheel. Injuries, lack of front of the net presence, loss of key players and chemistry all factor in. For a couple examples, a few seasons ago, Petr Sykora netted 25 goals, 13 of which were on the powerplay. Ryan Whitney, honestly, could only score on the PP and Ryan Malone's butt hasn't been in the opposing goalie's face for the black and vegas gold either. So placing the blame on all Mike Yeo can't exactly be justified.

Take a look back, 5 years before Yeo was hired:

2003-04 - 18% -7th in the league

2002-03 - 18.3% - 7th in the league

2001-02 - 14%- 24th in the league

2000-01 - 20.2% - 5th in the league

1999-00 - 15.6% - 20th in the league

Talk about a roller coaster ride huh? Obviously the powerplay has been an issue for the Pens, in all honesty for what team hasn't it?

Other than the usual fan bashing, Mike Yeo is a pretty solid gentleman. Bylsma had this to say...

Mike has a great work ethic. He takes great pride in his own work as well as the players around him. He is also a guy who is willing to learn and grow. He has shown that. He has been able to take what he’s learned from Michel Therrien and what he learned (as a player) in the American Hockey League and added to what we have done here in Pittsburgh alongside myself and (assistant coach) Tony (Granato). That is why he has continued to grow and will continue to be successful.
Going to Houston, for Yeosy, will going back to old stomping grounds. During his playing days Yeo spent five seasons with the Aeros between 1994-95 and ’98-99 when the team was a member of the now-defunct International Hockey League. He was the captain of the ’99 squad which captured the Turner Cup championship.

Again we say Good Luck Coach Yeo and we hope you thrive in your new role as head coach with the Aeros!

To read more about Coach Yeo regarding his newly acquired position, check out the Pens Official site.

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