PensU Player Profile: Bill Guerin

Throughout the off-season, we here at Pens Universe are going to provide you with player profiles that will summarize our opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each player as well as highlighting their performance this past season, and we'll also include an outlook for the 2010-2011.


2009-10 Stats

Salary: $2,000,000.00
Points: 45
Goals: 21
Assists: 24
(+/-): -9
PIM: 75

Experience; grit; physicality; net presence; shot power/accuracy; locker room presence.


09-10 Assessment

Coming off the 2009 Stanley Cup run, doing what he did on the ice and with what he did in the locker room, it was necessary that Guerin sign for another season. Even at the age of 39 he still put up some solid numbers. He tied for 3rd on the team in goals, 4th on the team in points, and 3rd on shots taken, all while staying relatively healthy missing only 4 games. Overall Guerin had another great season for being an 18 year veteran. 

Personally I feel he exceeded the teams expectations. Some might argue that being on the same line with Sidney Crosby one is bound to put the puck in the net 20 times. While I agree its easier to score on the wings of Sid, if you can't keep up, you can't score.

Peppered beard award.

10-11 Outlook:

The forecast for Guerin's return to the Penguins is a little cloudy. As I wrote here, the primary concern at the moment is Billy's age; though I'm guessing he'd be happy to accept an $1MM offer from Shero. Question is, does Ray think #13 still has something left in the tank. Rumors have circulated saying Guerin wants one more year on the ice, but ultimately the counsel of Disco and company will likely determine that.

Personally I'm undecided on where I stand. I think Guerin's experience and leadership is difficult to replace, but whether he can put another 82+ games alongside Crosby remains to be seen. The reason why you haven't seen anything happen with him contract-wise is likely due to where he falls on Shero's priority list.

Worth his Salt?

45 points for $2MM a season, damn straight.

With the Pens in 10-11?

Probably, but not certain.

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