Bylsma on the penalty kill...

Seeing as things are a little slow out there in the Pens hockey world as it relates to the big club, why not spend the next 20 minutes learning how Bylsma executes the penalty kill? The Penguins were 9th in the league this past season with a 84.1% success rate. Disco himself was best known for his strength on the PK during his playing days, so its no wonder the Penguins excel in that area. 

Of course, with guys like Staal, Cooke, and Adams, that's gonna help too.

Now lets be honest, this video isn't for Penguin fans, its for hockey fans (yes, there's a difference). So for those who love the game of hockey, enjoy. For strictly Penguin fans, do yourself a favor and watch how intricate these sequences are developed and executed, you might learn a thing or two. 

Sure this video is from March, its still the best thing you'll watch all day.

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