Offseason blues...

by Nicole Tracey

The NHL offseason is by far the worst when it comes to being patient. For eight solid months you have an organized schedule whereby you can plan everything according to each Pens game (well, that's what we do anyway). Then June, July and August come and all hockey fans are pretty much lost, unless of course you are the fortunate ones celebrating a Stanley Cup (like we were last year). So Pens Universe decided to ask some fans what they do to keep themselves sane during the offseason...

I play NHL 10, watch the NHL Network, cry, go online and watch epic youtube videos.
It never helps though.” - Blaine (Blainev28)

I run off the frustration of no hockey.” - Nick (Nicholas Richter)

Talk about hockey on twitter...and get drunk. PS I can't wait to get home tonight to curb my NHL withdrawal with the NHL11 demo” -Matt (PensBoozeAnger)

To keep myself sane not during hockey season, I found a hobby with Dave Matthews Band. I travel around different cities to see him, I usually get to about 9 shows a summer. I also surround myself with friends, and constantly watch hockey YouTubes and the NHL Network!” - Lacey

I try and supplement the lack of live hockey by watching amazing wins still on my DVRs, YouTube Sid laughing and trying to sing, visit Pittsburgh just to make it seem like there's something worthwhile without the Pens” -Melany (RebelHeart87)

I watch NHL Network most of the time - even if I'm not interested in the games (teams I don't like), it is good the hear the "noise" of hockey in the room.” -Wendy (wendbish)

Twitter, YouTube and the NHL Network seem to be the life savers here. And lets not forget NHL10 either (soon to be NHL11). I'm convinced that only hockey fans really know what the phrase “dog days of summer” really means. I guess maybe the lovers of the NFL and NBA do too, but we all know us hockey fans are different. With training camp and pre-season just around the corner, what are you guys going to do to keep yourselves occupied until then? We want to know. Feel free to comment below!

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