The Final Touches: One Week.

While there has been some things happening with respect to the Penguins, such as the rookie tournament happening in Ontario and the injury to Alex Grant, much of the meatier news has for the most part come to a halt. Sure Sid the Kid did something most of the Pirates themselves haven't done this year, but you don't need our opinion on that, the video was everywhere. So despite the lack of news and subsequent lack of content being produced here, that in no way suggests we're not working...

As you've read from our Facebook and Twitter pages, we're getting ready to release a 2.0 version of the site. Over the past several months we've been planning to launch a more visually stimulating, more user friendly/functional, more socially plugged-in website. You may be asking yourself, but why has it taken so long? A website surely doesn't take that long to build. Well, thing is, you're right. The website doesn't take months to build. So why so much time? Well, a couple of reasons.

First, we wanted to wait until just before the new season starts up. That is, we wanted it to be in conjunction with the training camp for the most part...when the excitement really begins. Though that's not actually the real reason. The primary reason is because of a shift in our overall focus as well as delivery. In the past Pens Universe has for the most part been primarily a blog where you can find some one off articles, a few interviews, a couple polls, and maybe a photoshop or two. While that's good and all, its just not enough.

So what are we intending? What are the changes? Well the finer details you're actually going to have to wait another 7 days to hear about. But I will say this: the vision for Pens Universe form the beginning was to be far more than simply a blog. The very name Pens Universe implies just that.

I'll leave you with that to ponder for the next week. For now, we'll have a few more posts up here and there as we wind down our last week on here. If there's some news that hits the streets worth commenting on, we will. But much of our new content (etc.) is going to be put up on the new site.

Stay tuned...


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