Crosby Speaks, Still Having Headaches

Out of all the rumors and speculation surrounding Sidney Crosby and his return to the ice, we finally hear from the man himself.

In a statement released by the Pittsburgh Penguins Wednesday night, Crosby thanked everyone for their continued support.

"I know they only want the best for my health," Crosby said in the statement. "And for me to be fully ready for when I return to game action."

He sounds optimistic he will return to the ice. But later in the statement, Crosby's agent Pat Brisson confirmed 87 has had headaches when exerting himself past 90% training. Doctors then altered his training.

"You can't predict a precise recovery period. It's all about the way he feels," said Brisson in the statement.

Crosby seems pretty sure he will return to playing form and rejoin his team as captain of the Penguins. But it's been nearly nine months since he received back to back concussions and he is still getting headaches.

I'm thankful that Crosby continues to work towards a return, but who knows how much longer it will take for him to be symptom-free. I'm beginning to think more and more he will play a fraction of the upcoming season, if any.

This statement wasn't just for the fans and to put the Crosby rumors to bed. This was also a wake up call to Malkin, Staal, Neal, Letang, Sullivan, Kennedy, and the rest of the boys to be ready for another long haul without 87.


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