The dreaded off-season...

I don't know of a single hockey fan that enjoys this time of year. Sure there can be some exciting things that happen with respect to player movement and signings (notwithstanding Sean Avery's retarded antics), but in the end we're all just sitting back waiting patiently for this month to get over with, aren't we?

August is just horrible for hockey. It makes for little conversation in the blogosphere. Writers everywhere are just itchin' for a story they can analyze and critique. For those who don't receive a pay check doing this, some of us write the entire month off.

So while we have some time to reflect on the upcoming season, why not run through a list of predictions. Perhaps we can even get some debates started...

Feel free to share your thoughts on stuff like, what the Pens record will be this year...will they win the division...who will be the biggest surprise...which player (Sid or Geno) will have the biggest impact throughout the season...will Orpik or Cooke send Talbot or Jagr to the hospital.

Stuff like that. Have at it.


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