Fan Friday - A Huge Heart

Each Friday I am going to put together a piece featuring a Penguins fan. Through these articles we can learn more about how we became fans and what fuels our passion for Pittsburgh Hockey.

Let's get started shall we?

Meet Heather aka @GlitteringGoo

She's a 28 year old Mass Communications major who works in advertising. She first became a hockey fan when she was 12 years old thanks to her dad who took her to a Hershey Bears game. She was raised to hate anything out of Philadelphia and she has a major love for penguins, so becoming a fan of the team was a natural fit.

A lot of people in her hometown are Flyers fans so she was lucky enough to be surrounded by a few die hard Pens fan while going to college. Around the age of 23 her passion for the game increased immensely. She attended her first live Penguins game last year in March of 201 against the Hurricanes. The next day she was sightseeing around Pittsburgh when she and a friend stumbled back upon the Igloo and as luck would have it she ended up meeting Sidney Crosby, Marc-Andre Fleury, Mike Rupp ( now of the NYR), Pascal Dupuis and Kris Letang as practice let out. Her biggest surprise of that day came when Sidney got out of his car to sign autographs and take some pictures for fans.

-"I still look at the pictures and can't believe I met them, especially Sid... I was just excited to see him drive by us, never thinking he'd park his vehicle and get out to sign autographs! It made me fall even more in love with the team."

A few of her favorite pieces of memorabilia would be her Crosby purse and Fleury jersey. Shes also the proud owner of 4 more jerseys ( including a vintage Lemieux All-Star) and a Crosby Fat Head.

In her spare time she co-leads the Goo Goo Dolls Street Team and works with multiple charities for them. Over the past 10 years the band has collected over 9 million items and have helped feed over 1 million families!! Last fall alone she collected over 5,000 items to help families in Pennsylvania!!

As we can see, we have a very passionate Pens fan who not only loves her hockey but also loves helping her community. With that I want to give a big thank you to Heather for not only helping out those in need but also for taking the plunge to be the first person to participate in Fan Friday.

If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming Fan Friday please contact me at JoePfab@GMail.com



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