Roenick's Tirade, And The Old 29er

Remember when Jeremy Roenick cried on national television about how he never won a Stanley Cup? I do. It was funny. He made a name for himself once again recently blasting Sidney Crosby.

During an intermission report on Versus, Roenick goes off on how he's tired of Crosby saying there's nothing new on his status returning to the ice. He goes as far as to tell Crosby to forgo clearance from doctors for contact, and start practicing with contact.

"Get on the ice. Let's get going. Let's start hitting. ... I don't want to hear everyday 'how's your head? How's your head? How's your head?"

What a donkey. That according to the Old 29er and STANLEY CUP CHAMPION Phil Bourque.

Bourque went on 105.9 The X in Pittsburgh and just went off on Roenick. Click here to hear the audio.


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