Virtual Ads: A pain in the glass?

We've all seen them. Hell, you can't miss them these days. They're big, obnoxious, and in the way. Sadly, I'm not talking about the Flyers. I'm referring to the huge chunks of ad space on the glass behind the nets.
The last time the league tried to digitally insert graphics into the on-ice action, we were given a puck with a blue comet tail and our eyes were generally in the stands because of it.

The technology is still relatively new to the NHL, but teams have seen demand for its unique ad placement as more potential sponsors see it on television. This "green screen" technology is used as a virtual billboard so to speak for corporate sponsors.

There are already a handful of teams implementing this new technology as well, although the ultimate decision whether to use it or not comes down to the team owner.

The Flyers, Blackhawks, Blue Jackets, Capitals and Rangers are using the technology now, selling space on the glass behind the two goals and, in New York, an additional spot between the team benches at Madison Square Garden.

The New York Rangers first tested it in 2008-09 through the MSG Network, said Art Ventura, the network’s senior vice president of media sales and also the father of the FOX Trax puck I mentioned earlier. I wanted to see what the fans general response to this form of advertising was and here is what they had to say.

What do you think of the advertising on the glass behind the nets ??

" I think they are a great idea to some point because a lot of people are watching the nets so the ads do get seen, but at the same time they can be distracting and annoying." - Larisa

" I don't like it. It ruins the experience. People pound on that and like to see. Advertise elsewhere! Just my opinion." - Megan

"Don't like it. I think there's plenty on the boards. Plus many game parts are advertised (PP, Intermission, OT) No need for it." - Pat

I can definitely agree with Pat on that last one. I have gone to too many games and there is advertising everywhere. At least we aren't to the point that Europe has reached.

As you can see the opinions vary from fan to fan on the advertising. What are your thoughts on this topic? Thankfully Mario & Ron haven't signed off on this idea as of yet. But we'll have to wait and see where that road leads.


PensAreYourDaddy said...

I'd rather see ads on the glass than on jerseys, but I agree with the comment above that I like to see the fans' reactions and so this takes away from that somewhat.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have minimal ads on the jerseys and keep them along the boards as they are now rather than on the glass. WE are paying money to see a hockey game, not to have an ad interfere with our view of the net. That's just my opinion though.

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