Is Crosby holding out for a national return?

Closing in on one year since Sidney Crosby got his world rocked twice with blows to the head, the hockey world remains on pins and needles awaiting his return.

Many projected with a couple weeks of solid practice and only four games that Crosby would get the reps needed with the team to return on action this past weekend.

87 was not on the ice.

The phrase has been thrown around all throughout "Crosby Watch" that he would return when he was ready. But let me throw a curveball at you...what if his return wasn't his call.

For weeks, Crosby has been more than willing to answer any and all questions regarding his heath, a return date, do you miss the game, and all the other typical questions as a former television reporter I know you need to ask. For the past couple days now, Sid had denied the media scrum around his locker after practices. Everyone was looking at Friday or Saturday night for a possible return. He says he feels great. But we still haven't seen him.

The next game is Tuesday night. Penguins vs. Colorado wouldn't seem like a big game to the naked eye. But add in the fact it's a home game and will be nationally televised on Versus. A homecoming on home ice for the world to see. Is this the stage the NHL would want for Sidney Crosby's extravagant return? Why not?

Gary Bettman and the NHL owe their existence to Sidney Crosby. Would they have the audacity to tell the Penguins we want his return on a specific night so we can get the national spotlight, gaining all those NBA fans who have nothing else to do now, just for rating points and exposure for the sport? At this point I'll believe anything as to why it's taking this long.

It makes perfect sense to bring him back on a Tuesday night televised showdown against a team who has only won 3 of their last 10. A cupcake for Crosby to light up the night, roll out the red carpet and welcome back the savior of the NHL to action.

We'll just have to keep watching and see.


Anonymous said...

He is go going to come back eventually..so maybe this is what he wants..who knows.. i mean if he is feeling good he cant be much further away :)

Damian Romano said...

He went with the team to Carolina, that's a good sign.

Will Eller said...

I've had one date in my head since last season. Jan 2nd. However looking at the schedule we don't play till the 6th. So i'm going with Jan 6th.

Anonymous said...

He has been traveling with them since cleared...Personally i think he is fine and just waiting for the right time.

Tody said...

I agree with previous post

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