Thankful I'm not a Blue Jackets fan

This is the time of year when we stuff our faces full of things we don't normally eat, watch football teams we don't care about, and give thanks for the great fortune in our lives. Last night at the dinner table, we went around and each of us said what we were thankful for. Of course the most common responses were good health, family, things like that. In my head, I wanted to say I'm thankful I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

You have to understand my discography of sports. I'm quite potluck with my teams. Having been born in Kansas, moved to Ohio, then Indiana, then Kentucky and back to Indiana I have gathered teams of mine some would find confusing due to my current geographical location.

Hockey: Pens
Baseball : Chicago Cubs
Football: Cincinnati Bengals
NCAA Football: Notre Dame and Ball State
NCAA Basketball: Wichita State, Ball State and Dayton

These are my teams. Some of which have had great success during my existence, but none have topped what the Penguins accomplished in 2009.

For my selfishness, I never thought I would see one of my teams win a Stanley Cup. Especially since I'm a Cubs fan. But 2008 from the Penguins gave me hope, and complete deflation. 2009 took all of that away. Now I find myself wanting more.

Once your teams wins one championship, it's easy at first to say "all I wanted to see was one." But the selfishness comes back, and you want more banners. One the other side of the coin, you see fans in cities and you have to give thanks. It could be years before the Cubs win a World Series and not as distant perhaps for the young and rising Bengals. But after a favorite team wins one championship, you look at it in a different perspective.

For example, thank God I'm not a Columbus Blue Jackets fan.

But with a healthy Penguins lineup, especially 87 back in action, you know the chances are great for another Stanley Cup. I'm giving thanks.


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