Crosby Rumors.

The gentleman who runs the  Hockey Break twitter handle caused quite a stir this morning regarding the Pens' captain Sidney Crosby.

Hockey Break first started off with a tweet saying,

the handle then goes on to say,

After being the "bearer of bad news", this tweet popped up, 

All this being said without notable sources; and people wonder why fans get frustrated so easily. 
What's your take? Do you think Sidney Crosby will be back this season or not? Why?


Anonymous said...

he WILL be back. ray shero said so himself, and if anyone knows about his players, its him.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a 50/50 chance to me. I just want him to come back healthy at some point. If it has to be next season, it'll be sad, but so be it. As much as I love Sid in the game, his future well-being shouldn't be put at risk.

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