What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's Happenin'!

It's the third installment of What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's Happenin'! It's a full course of goalies today with a little side of Nystrom, Letang and Trade Deadline past.

Eric Nystrom

Hard to watch, eh? Many people are split on this hit. According to some, Letang put himself on the platter and to others, Nystrom went head hunting. After watching the video several times myself, not completely convinced Nystrom only wanted to play the puck. At the :08 second mark of the video you see Nystrom going for the puck, but then changes his direction toward Letang. Nystrom could have easily went towards the boards instead of the net where he and Letang's paths crossed. Although this could be considered completely bias because I'm a fan and don't want to see any key player hurt, especially a guy like Letang, who makes a huge impact on this team. The scary thing here, obviously, the fact that Letang missed some considerable with a concussion this season after receiving a hit from Max Pacioretty.
Head coach Dan Bylsma said at this point Letang is day-to-day. 

Marc-Andre Fleury

Flower continues his stellar play with a shootout win last night. To say the Pens would be where they are now without the play of Flower is complete crap. He does everything you would expect a netminder to do PLUS some. Even giving a little tribute to rookie back up tender Brad Thiessen with the jersey tuck. 

Brad Thiessen.

Thiess in the Crease picked up his first NHL win during his NHL debut this past Sunday against the Columbus Blue Jackets. Thiessen stopped 21 out of 23 shots for a 4-2 win. "I tried just to stay focused and enjoy the moment," Thiessen said. "It was everything I expected and more."

Brent Johnson. 

Beej has been dazed and confused for so long it's not true. Lots of people talk, few of them know, it's been a long time since Beej rock n' rolled. No doubt Fleury is saying, "It's been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time. Yes it has." Beej just has to let the sun down beat upon his face, but change the story of games past, the story that was quite clear. Tellin' tall tales of how it used to be, good times, bad times, we know you've had your share. So indeed when we go on a deep playoff run, when Fleury needs to rest for a few, we'll need Brent Johnson as sure as the dust that floats high in June. 

Trade Deadline Past. 

 GM Ray Shero decided not to make any moves this past deadline for the first time in Shero’s six-year tenure. "Nobody going and nobody coming. Our roster is our roster moving forward." Again fans were split on this decision, some were just fine, others, not so much. But it is what it is. "We have a lot of guys here who have won the Stanley Cup. I just think that we have a pretty good hockey team here with our leadership and the character we have on our hockey team. The special teams have been good. Our penalty kill has been amongst the top in the league. Our power play has been very good, obviously. Just a lot of things have come together for us and we’ve got some of these injured players back. We have a number of those guys who have (Stanley Cup) rings in the room. That counts for something as we move forward towards the playoffs." There's no doubting the man, Ray Shero.

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