Brazilian Pens fans: An open letter...

It’s probably a surprise and hard to consider a letter from Brazilian fans. We don’t even have ice to play. What would we know about anything? But we are truly die hard fans, that despite of all adversity that comes with being a Brazilian Penguins fan, we love it and are proud of it. Don’t mind the different time zone, which we often find ourselves going to bed way past the time we should, or the language barrier, that we have to overcome every game broadcast or simply every time we want to look up our team’s latest news; or even the fact that we have to watch every game in the internet. None of that is an excuse to miss a game. It’s all worth after a win, or just a well played game, where everyone left everything on the rink.

The Penguins have never abandoned us, they took the ice every single night scheduled, we’re not abandoning them right now.

We’re not here to say the obvious about our sloppy defensive play, or that we will riot if we don’t win game 4. We are here to say we believe in you. Every single one of you, From Marc-Andre Fleury to Craig Adams. We know you can put last three games on the past, and play what you guys are capable of. We’ve been to tough situations before, losing two to Washington and Detroit, coming back from a 3-0 deficit against those same flyers in game 6, all of those in 09. This one might be a little harder, but if there’s a team in the NHL that can do it, it’s you guys.

We believe you can win 4 in a row against the Flyers, in fact, we believe you can win 10 in a row against those suckers. As long as you guys play with your hearts. Know that we’ll be cheering with our hearts until the last second, whether is game 4 or game 7.


From your Brazilian fans! Let’s Go Pens!!



Anonymous said...

Im with them!!! Go Pens!

Anonymous said...

I am part of this group and I am proud to say I love the Penguins and we are all hoping for a win too. From Brazil to Pittsburgh, LET'S GO, PENS!!!^^

Caio_ps said...

I am also proud to say I am brazilian,and every penguins game I am there in front of my pc to watch my team,and i now we can win flyers.Let's go Pens!!!

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