Pens blow 3 goal lead, vomit

Well that was a swift kick to the gonads.

Penguins completely dominated the first 20:00 minutes of this hockey game, and somehow decided to hang it up. Four unanswered goals by the Flyers, the last coming in overtime where it looked as though the Penguins didn't realize the overtime period had started, has sent home ice advantage right out the window.

Don't use the missed offsides calls as the excuse. It was still 3-1 Pens at that point. I put the blame on the coaches behind the bench. Clearly the intensity faded from the Penguins, and Disco Dan didn't reignite his team.

The Pens are clearly still fighting demons from the regular season. Does this make game 2 a "must win" for the Pens?

It's the playoffs. Pick it up, and don't let up.


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